I have missed a couple of months of updating my blog due to a crazy busy valentines and a thankfully busy Mothers Day. Due to Covid – 19 I have now stopped working for a while along with most of the country and i’am staying safe at home spending a lot of time in the garden and with my family, thanks to this beautiful weather we are having.

My flower choice this month is the much loved Peony

I had to cover it this month, I get asked all the time for it whenever I see brides for consultations they all want Peonies. I can understand why these flowers are just exquisite from the way the look from been a tight bud all the way through to being fully open with there beautiful tissue like petals, they make the perfect flower choice for bridal bouquets.

Peonies Come in a whole range of colours which means it can be used to suit most occasions. With Peonies only been available for a short time April till June Slightly longer if we are lucky I try to use them where I can. In the picture to the left I created a vase arrangement for a local contract with included peonies.

Just the other day I recieved and amazing Peony tree from Fonthill garden centre which is local to us. They are doing contactless deliveries for all your garden needs. Iam so excited to see it grow and flower in the coming months and years.
I have never grown Peonies of any kind in my garden so this will be completely new. Hopefully I will learn some new skills and tips that I can pass on to people, also any tips and help that others may have is always welcomed.

My Peony tree that I hope to share pictures with you throughout its different stages, we have it potted up at the moment rather than in the ground I am not sure if this is best for it but we shall see over the coming months.